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The Carb-Lover's Diet Food List

Coming Soon: a list of resistant starches and links to great recipes.

If you want to participate in the CarbLover's Diet and lose weight while feeling full, there are plenty of ways to do it. The most important step is to make sure that you are eating at least 10-15g of resistance starch per day. In order to do this, there are some great recipes that will help. I will try a couple of different recipes a week and blog about them and link to them here.

First, a list of resistant starch foods to get you started:

  • Green banana: 12.5 grams 
  • Unrolled, uncooked oats: 11.3 grams (g)/100 g
  • Puffed wheat cereal: 6.2 g/100 g
  • Slightly green bananas: 4.7 g/one medium banana
  • Pumpernickel bread: 4.5 g/100 g
  • Rice square cereals: 4.2 g/100 g
  • Legumes, especially:
    • Canned white beans, cooked: 4.2 g/100 g
    • Chickpeas: 2.6 g/100 g
    • Canned kidney beans, cooked: 2.0 g/100 g
  • Italian bread, toasted: 3.8 g/100 g
  • Cooked plantains: 3.5 g/100 g
  • Potato chips: 3.5 g/100 g
  • Muesli: 3.3 g/100 g
  • Rye bread: 3.2 g/100 g
  • Corn flake cereals: 3.2 g/100 g
  • Corn tortillas: 3.0 g/100 g
  • Pearl barley: 2.4 g/100 g
  • Fruit-filled cereal bar: 2.3 g/100 g
  • Puffed rice cereal: 2.3 g/100 g
  • Sourdough bread: 2.1 g/100 g
  • Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies®: 1.9 g/100 g
  • Canned peas, cooked: 1.9 g/100 g
  • Cooked millet: 1.7 g/100 g
  • Brown rice: 1.7 g/100 g
  • Cooked yams: 1.5 g/100 g
  • Puffed corn cereal: 1.4 g/100 g
  • Wheat pasta: 1.4 g/100 g
  • Potatoes, cooked and cooled: 1.3 g/one medium potato
  • Wheat pita: 1.3 g/100 g