My 365 day journey from single to forever... not a catalog of dates and internet idiots...
looking inside myself to make the changes I need to make to become a better person.

The List - 'The One'

While I am working through this blog to make changes to myself, I do also believe that I need to keep in mind the characteristics of the man that I believe is destined to be a part of my life. So, in no particular order, here are the things that I personally want to see in the man of my dreams...

  • stable job
  • taller than me
  • smart enough to have decent conversations with
  • funny. he doesn't just laugh at my one-liners... he has a few of his own.
  • loves kids, especially mine
  • a calm demeanor in the face of stress
  • enjoys sex
  • saves
  • loves Jesus
  • within 5 years of my age
  • likes to fix things
  • loves me!
  • healthy weight
  • has a friendly mother
  • likes traveling
  • a nice smile
  • votes
  • clean
  • ability to call me on my crap lovingly
  • chooses to be non-intimidating to me