My 365 day journey from single to forever... not a catalog of dates and internet idiots...
looking inside myself to make the changes I need to make to become a better person.

The Other List - A Better Me

These are changes I am working on. Everyone has some. I may not hit all of my goals. Even when I finish with this list, there will probably be plenty more things to add. But, for now, this is my list...

So, what do I want to change about myself?

Things I NEED to get rid of:

  • $6000 in revolving debt
  • rent-to-own balance
  • title loan
  • 30 pounds
  • things in the house that I don't use that are worth money that could pay down those debts.

Things I would like to get rid of

  • my penchant for procrastination.
  • 40 MORE pounds
  • all the extra clothes in our laundry room
  • some junk in the garage
  • my mortgage
  • my student loans