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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 237- God is Good

After my oldest and I went to a Rascal Flatts concert a couple of weeks ago and we had an awesome time, I realized that I needed to make more of an effort to do fun and special things with the kids individually.

I told my son that he and I would go out this weekend, and I told daughter #2 that she and I would do something special. I suggested Disney on Ice, even though I didn't know when it would come to town. She suggested that we go to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D the next day (of course meaning she missed some school... but we had a lot of fun) In fact, she told me I was the best mom ever several times. :-)

Tonight I took my son to a Monster Truck Rally. We had a great time. I was very worried that he wouldn't have fun, or that the event wouldn't be memorable for him. I should have remembered from the beginning that God is SO GOOD!

When my phone started to die and I couldn't get any good pictures because of the lighting, I prayed. I told God that I wanted this to be memorable and to please help my battery hold out until the lights came up again so that I could get a couple of good pictures for my son. In particular, I wanted one of him and I both.

Well, God answered my prayer and then some. The phone held out to get several more good photos, including one of Isaac and I and one of him while his favorite monster truck (Grave Digger) was in the background. Then, just at the event was ending, the Grave Digger driver was given a Tshirt to throw out to the crowd. My son took one step out into the aisle (he was on the edge seat) and the tshirt dropped right into his hands. Now that's pretty memorable, right?

It gets better.

Taped into the package with the Tshirt were two envelopes. One had 4 tickets to the B&B Circus for next October and the other had 4 tickets to Disney on Ice for next December.

Wait, Disney on Ice? Didn't I mention that earlier in this post? I sure did...

God heard and remembered.

This was defintely a wonderful night.

God is listening.

God does not forget.

We are all going to be okay.

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  1. That is a beautiful story. I am glad to hear some happiness in your life. God is Good no matter what. He is no matter if our lives are happy or sad; he is always there for us. We are his treasures. I'm glad you are doing that with your kids. Those moments are priceless.